We specialise in the photography of fine art for Giclée output. Great care is taken to accurately capture every little detail, texture and subtle difference in shade and brush stroke to showcase the artist's work.

The Fine Art Photography Workflow

The most important stage in producing quality reproductions is the origination. We use high-end colour calibrated equipment and appropriate colour profiles throughout the workflow. Global and local adjustments can be made to accurately match the original.

When blank areas of the artwork are photographed this produces a printed white on the output. We can make a global or local adjustment to remove this so no ink will be used on the output where the artist has not applied on the original. This allows the fine art paper to be shown without a printed white and gives a cleaner more accurate reproduction of the original. It is often difficult to tell the difference between the artist's work and the Giclée print with the naked eye.

Images are supplied in various formats from 400dpi 16bit ProPhoto 60MB TIFF files for Giclée output to 144dpi Adobe RGB (1998) JPG for web use. The web images can also be watermarked with your logo or name.

"We use Project Six Studios to photograph all our artists' work; not only for cataloguing but also to reproduce onto quality produce. Martin understands our requirements for high quality and all the vagaries of production processes, so our end product, whether it be limited edition giclée prints, gift wrap or wall paper, is of the uppermost quality. I can highly recommend.”

Catriona Moore, The English Art Co.

"Friendly and welcoming. Smart, well organised, efficient system with up to date equipment. Professional attention to detail to achieve the best possible outcome. Fastidious colour matching from on screen to original image. I’ve used the images for absolutely everything - from social media and self promotion to the production of high quality giclee prints.”

David Lyon

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