Project Six Studios is a small photographic studio that specialises in photographing products for print and digital media. We use high-end colour calibrated equipment assigning appropriate colour profiles in a photography workflow that is not only extremely colour accurate but also very efficient.

…meta data description

When the photograph is taken the code and/or description are entered into the meta data of the image. During the print workflow the image is placed on the page where this meta data information is made live and is automatically assigned the designers type styles as can be seen in the video below. This is a huge time and cost saver and greatly reduces the risk of errors. Images can be supplied in various formats from 400dpi 16bit ProPhoto 60MB TIFF files for large output, 300dpi 8bit Adobe RGB (1998) for print and 144dpi Adobe RGB (1998) JPG for web use or a number of formats at no extra cost. The web images can also be watermarked with your logo or name.

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